Students with an interest in Financial Technology (FinTech) can learn more about this industry by taking one of these introductory online FinTech courses as an elective. Consult with your academic advisor to ensure the elective hours will count towards your degree.  FinTech is responsible for the products and services that support financial activities like payment-processing.

Georgia is a leader in the financial technology industry and the demand for FinTech experts is high. According to the TAG (Technology Association of Georgia):

  • Approximately 120 FinTech companies are headquartered or have significant presence in Georgia. Six of the ten largest US payment processing firms are Georgia-based. Top Georgia FinTech companies generate annual revenues of more than $72 billion, placing us third in the nation behind only New York and California
  • Georgia FinTech organizations employ more than 37,000 professionals in the state and over 130,000 globally and process over 128 billion transactions per year representing over $5.14 trillion of purchase volume each year.
  • 70% of all credit card swipes, debit card payments and gift card purchases in the U.S. go through Georgia-based companies, earning the nickname Transaction Alley

UWG FinTech courses are offered as part of a cooperative academic arrangement; UWG students register for the classes in Banner just as they would any UWG course.  As part of this UWG/ USG eMajor partnership, different start dates, policies, and processes may apply. 

  • Enrolled UWG students may register for FinTech courses only after completing this FinTech Academy Quiz
  • Enrolled UWG students will log in to GoView instead of CourseDen
  • You may have non-UWG students enrolled in the courses with you; your instructor may be from another USG school
  • The USG Collaborative Calendar details the Academic Calendar these courses will follow
  • Many textbooks are "open educational resources" - meaning that they are FREE
  • To check for open seats in the courses: Go to UWG's itemized online Course Schedule, select the semester desired, look under eMajor's EM1 - eMajor Full Session category
  • To withdraw from your FinTech class, fill out the UWG eMajor Withdrawal Form
  • Additional processes and policies unique to eMajor programs (Exams & Testing, etc.) are available under the Current Students tab on the eMajor homepage
  • Matters involving the academic integrity of courses in this cooperative academic arrangement are under the review, approval, and control of the faculty governance processes of the Partner Institution  (UWG) and under the shared oversight of the arrangement through the FinTech Curriculum Leadership Committee (CLC)


Program Lead

Dr. John Upson
Phone: (678) 839-4835