What is Academic Honesty?

As members of the academic community, all UWG students are expected to recognize and uphold standards of intellectual and academic integrity.


How to Avoid a Violation

What comprises academic dishonesty and how can you avoid it?

  • Plagiarism - ALWAYS cite your sources
  • Cheating on Exams - Utilize only authorized materials during proctored exams
  • Unauthorized Collaboration - Work individually on assignments unless your professor approves group work
  • Falsification - Always truly represent material and information in all academic work
  • Multiple Submissions - Only submit work for which you have not previously received credit
  • Unauthorized Use or Distribution of Copyrighted Material in eCore and eMajor Courses - Never use or distribute copyrighted material without permission. This includes all eCore and eMajor course material
  • Unauthorized Use of Artificial Intelligence, etc. - Never use artificial technology or any other technology for the purpose of academic dishonesty


For Additional Information

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