Earn more

The completion of an accredited online degree also increases your earning potential.



Online courses and programs can mean a huge cost-savings in many ways. No more high gas charges. No childcare needed. The flexibility can allow one to maintain a job while attending school. Regardless of state residency, out-of-state students are not charged non-resident tuition for online course credit hours.

Our online courses are as affordable as you will find among accredited schools.

  • Fully or entirely online courses are charged at the general tuition rate plus an eTuition rate BUT with fewer fees and no extra charges to non‐Residents.
  • Together this means that GA residents pay about the same if they take all face‐to‐face or partially online courses as they do if they take only fully online courses exclusively; while non‐residents save money by taking fully online courses.
  • One word of caution: If a student takes a combination of face‐to‐face and online courses in a single term, they will pay both all mandatory campus fees and the higher eTuition rate.
  • Some online courses may require one or more proctored exams that require a testing fee to be paid to the proctor.
  • For official cost information, as well as payment deadlines, see the Office of Student Accounts & Billing Services Webpage.
  • Cost Comparison Google Sheet


* Additional cost information can be found on the Tuition & Fees Webpage.
** BOR Policy 7.3.14 defines distance courses and allows institutions to charge students a per credit hour rate that is somewhere between the school’s BOR approved in-state and out-of-state tuition rates, regardless of residency status. Also refer, to BOR Policy 4.3.3 in regards to tuition differential waivers.