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    CoursEval, which maintains online student evaluations, had an update to its servers in the Fall of 2014. As part of these updates there is now a new, direct link to your account and CoursEval will accept your UWG ID username and password as your login credentials.

    New login process
    Use the previous link to access your evaluation results or open surveys.

    Username: Your UWG ID username (for example, jsmith)
    Password: Your UWG ID password (12+ character passphrase)

    If you have previously administered your end of semester course evaluations online and need help accessing or viewing those reports, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 678-839-6248 or online@westga.edu.

  • What is CoursEval

    CoursEval powered by Academic Management Systems
    CoursEval is the premiere web-based assessment solution that cares about users and goes above and beyond to meet their needs. Developed by educators for educators, CoursEval has published over 70 product releases based on users’ improvement requests. Since 1996, hundreds of large and small colleges, universities, health profession schools, K-12 schools, and training programs from across the globe have been using CoursEval to unlock the power of aggregated data on student learning.

    See the Privacy Policy and Accessibility Guidelines (PDF).

    End-of-term evaluations
    During the last week of the term, UWG Online conducts its own online student evaluation of online services. In addition, provided that it is allowed by campus policy, UWG Online can also put your SEI online.  According to the Faculty Handbook, 103.06 Evaluating Teaching (updated 03/28/17), face-to-face and hybrid courses cannot be given online SEIs: "All faculty teaching face-to-face and hybrid courses must use the Scantron form titled University of West Georgia / Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) for any class that has an enrollment of five or more students."

    Results are shared with the instructor, the Department Chair, and the Dean. All distance faculty are sent a form along with the results of their distance course surveys. The Evaluation Summary for Distance Courses form requires that the faculty provide written documentation reflecting on their DE course evaluation results and how the students' feedback will be used for improvement. Aggregate results are made available online at: DE Evaluation Documents.

  • Tutorials and Best Practices

    More than just a box to check off at the end of the semester, the student evaluation of instruction (SEI) is a critical feature for faculty looking to increase their ability to make a lasting impact on their students. During the last weeks of the term,UWG online administers online student evaluation of instruction (SEI) for all distance courses. These anonymous evaluations are conducted outside of CourseDen, in CourseEval, and can be accessed online any time.

    Repeated encouragement by the instructor is the number one reason response rates improve! Consider adding multiple reminders in your course announcements and email each student within CourseDen with a reminder to complete the evaluations. Additional reminders are shared on the UWG|Online social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

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    If you have previously administered your end of semester course evaluations online and need help accessing or viewing those reports, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 678-839-6248 or online@westga.edu.

  • CoursEval Dates summer 2019
    Session I (classes meet May 10 - May 24)

    Opens: Thursday, May 23 @ 12 AM
    Closes: Friday, May 24 @ 11:59 PM

    Session II (classes meet June 3 - July 23)

    Opens: Tuesday, July 9 @ 12 AM
    Closes: Tuesday, July 23 @ 11:59 PM

    Session III (classes meet June 3 - June 25)

    Opens: Tuesday, June 18 @ 12 AM
    Closes: Tuesday,  June 25 @ 11:59 PM

    Session IV (classes meet June 28 - July 23)

    Opens: Friday, July 16 @ 12 AM
    Closes: Friday, July 23 @ 11:59 PM

  • CoursEval Dates Fall 2019
    Full Term (classes meet August 14 - December 6)

    Opens: Friday, November 22 @ 12 AM
    Closes: Friday, December 6 @ 11:59 PM