CourseDen Moved to the Cloud

As of January 2019, Brightspace D2L's Georgia View servers (the learning management system on which CourseDen runs) are on a Continuous Delivery cycle that applies application updates incrementally with no further need for scheduled maintenance periods or downtimes. 

In the event of Unscheduled Maintenance, the most current information regarding the availability will be posted at the USG Status Page. For CourseDen status updates you can refer to the UWG Online Status Page.

UWG Online has set up a new Google group (email list) in order to provide weekly updates on the new tools, improvements, and other changes. Email if you would like to be added to this group. Key information will also be posted here.

Highlights for Upcoming Changes

Changes will not require any re-builds or content migration by Instructors, though the server will be inaccessible Dec 21 - Dec 22

  • Gradebook: Feedback can be added in bulk; Instructors can lock columns and row headers
  • Rubrics: More control and ease-of-use, visibility
  • Discussions: Instructors can post to all groups at once
  • Quizzes: Improved LaTeX editor for Math; Students' answers are auto-saved by default; Dynamic preview available in question pools
  • Binder: "Send to Binder" no longer available; New recommended app for students is Brightspace Pulse

 For more detailed information, view the Changes Summary (Google Sheet).

  • The Daylight Experience - CourseDen Look & Feel 

    Daylight Experience

    In 2017 UWG Online upgraded CourseDen to the new D2L Brightspace interface design called Daylight. The Daylight interface relies on the functionality you are used to, while introducing a more mobile friendly service. The "Daylight Experience" is now being upgraded again for Spring 2019.

    The Daylight Experience interface provides improved flexibility and a responsive design that provides a more consistent user experience that gives prominence to learning activities.

    Primary Changes

    Tool Enhancements: You will find increased functionality for Quizzes, Intelligence Agents, Discussions, Assignments, and more:

    • More intuitive Quizzes tool and improved functionality
    • Additions to exempt grade functions
    • Instructors can elect to provide an email notification for submitted assignments
    • User Progress is now called Class Progress
    • Acessibility templates are available and designed to meet accessibility guidelines. To learn more about how to make your course accessible to all learners, check out our Accessibility page or invite us to show you or your department steps to help all your students access learning materials. 

    Screenshots for Daylight Experience

    CourseDen Homepage

    CourseDen Home page

    Pinning Your Courses

    To select a new banner for your course from the images provided by D2L, hover over the banner for your course in the My Course area. Click on the 3-dot icon that appears and select Change Image. Enter a variety of search terms or select an image from those showing. Only a portion of all available images show at one time. *updated info and screenshot coming soon*
    Change Banner menu

    Grades Tool

    You can now lock the name column & header row in grades for a more efficient and fluid viewing experience. *updated screenshot coming soon*
    CourseDen Communication

    Quizzes Tool

    Students answers are now auto-saved to improve the assessment experience. *updated screenshot coming soon*
    Course Assessments

    Mobile Views

    CourseDen Homepage
    Daylight CourseDen homepageDaylight Hamburger Menu (collapsed)
    Daylight hamburger menuDaylight Hamburger Menu (Expanded)
    Daylight hamburger menu expanded

  • Assignments 

    Improvements for Assignments List View

    For Instructors:

    • The list view now displays updated information which allows instructors to quickly determine what assignments they need to evaluate and if they have published the evaluations:
      • Assignment name
      • Number of students completed
      • Number of students evaluated
      • Number of students with feedback
      • Due Date

    screenshot of updated instructor assignments view

    For Students:

    • The list view now displays updated information which allows students to easily locate unfinished assignments, as well as access their scores and view instructor feedback:
      • Now able to see assignment name
      • Completion Status (Not Submitted, Submitted, Completed)
      • Their score
      • Evaluation Status (Not yet evaluated, Feedback: unread, Feedback: read)
      • Due Date

    screenshot of updated student assignments list view

  • Discussions 

    Improvements for Discussion Feedback

    Discussion Post Ratings:

    • To improve engagement on the Discussion Board, new Rating Posts options were added
    • To find these new options go to the Discussion Topic's Properties tab

    screenshot of how to add ratings to discussion topics

  • Rubrics

    Improvements for Rubric Creation / Editing

    Single-Page Workflow:

    • To improve on the new rubric creation experience, rubric creation has been changed to a single-page workflow
    • Clicking New in the Rubrics tool immediately brings the user to the rubric authoring page

    screenshot of single-page rubric creation

    • In addition, the previous Rubric Tool options Properties & Levels and Criteria are now condensed into a single Edit option

    screenshot of rubric edit option