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New Semester, New Look

Fall 2016 is right around the corner, so with the new semester, we’re debuting a new look to CourseDen! Beginning on August 1st, the default navigation bar for courses will be reorganized. These are only cosmetic changes to improve navigation, consistency, and the student experience and will reflect the new UWG branding. As we discussed in our blog earlier this summer, consistency is key.

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Content Browser Widget Removed

We will also be removing the Content Browser widget (not the Content tool). Although the Content Browser widget allowed users to browse and view recently visited content, students missed important information included in the course such as content descriptions and due dates. Additionally, if users accessed content only through the Content Browser widget, CourseDen could not track their user progress. Because of these concerns, the Content Browser needed to be removed. Students will be directed to use the Content tool in the Navigation bar, which should improve progress tracking and provide them full access to all materials and related information in the course.

Former Content Browser Widgetcontent browser widget


 Redirect to Content Tool redirect to content tool


UWG Updated Links

UWG's updated webpage looks great and it has some new URLs. To help our students find the information they need on the updated site, please replace the URLs for those pages that you might have in your syllabus:

ITS also provided a new and shorter link to the Common Language for Course Syllabi that needs to go in the syllabi for all UWG courses.



Do let us know if you have any questions, comments, or need assistance.

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