Below you will see tutorials for our new CourseDen system. We have created a series of tutorials for students in order to prepare for taking online courses, using the new system, and troubleshooting tips.

To login, use the current direct link:

Please navigate through our newly created tutorials below to prepare for the new system:

Getting Started



Course Builder

User Progress

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UWG|Online Maintenance Schedule:

Please see the Board of Regents GeorgiaView Maintenance Schedule for the latest dates and times for scheduled maintenance downtime. GeorgiaONmyLINE programs, such as eCore®, follow the schedule for D/X site regardless of campus affiliation.

Be sure to mark these dates in your calendar so you can allocate time for completing assessments, assignments, discussions, and other course related content.

** Note - if one of the above listed tools is still active when the server goes down, you WILL be kicked off with no chance to save, submit, or complete your materials.


Direct Link to CourseDen:

If you are experiencing latency/bandwidth issues accessing CourseDen using a portal login (i.e., always try using the direct link to login to CourseDen:

** See the "CourseDen (D2L)" Tab for the dates/times CourseDen will be taken down for maintenance or to see if UWG|Online reported any network latency issues

How to Login - Now using UWG ID!


iconYou must have already registered your UWG ID at (hint = registered UWG ID accesses your UWG gmail).


Log in at and enter:
Username = your registered UWG ID username (ex. sdoe1)
Password = your registered UWG ID password (hint = it's at least 12 characters long)

Check Your Browser

Click on the following link to see if your computer and browser are compatible with CourseDen:

You will want to make sure that all of the checks say YES. If anything says NO, you will need to try to fix it or contact UWG|Online for help.

Need Help?


Contact ITS Service Desk - M-F 8am-5pm - 678-839-6587 -
Learn more about the UWG ID by visiting the UWG ID Information Page.

CourseDen (D2L):

Contact UWG|Online Helpdesk - M-F 8am-5pm - 678-839-6248 -
CourseDen 24-hour Help - 1-855-772-0423 -

Blackboard Collaborate & Wimba Classroom After Hours Support

UWG|Online is happy to assist students with Blackboard Collaborate and Wimba Classroom during normal business hours (see above for contact info)

For specialized assistance with Blackboard Collaborate or Wimba after hours, contact them via the below options::
Toll Free at 1-877-382-2293 and/or
You can also access Wimba specific support documentation here:

Training Calendar

We offer a variety of training throughout the semester.

01/08/2014: In case you missed it before the upgrade, we do have a list of "what's new" in the various components of D2L.  You can find it at


Join us for our twice monthly webcasts! We fill you in on all the latest happenings in the FDC and explore the tip of the week! 

CourseDen training

Learn more about individual CourseDen features, from Dropbox to Quizzes. Join us in the FDC or live from your desk, via a Google Hangout or the YouTube stream.

One-on-One in-your-office personalized training

Email us at, or call ext. 95289, and we'll set up an appointment with you.

Dedicated departmental training

Schedule a group training for your department today! Sessions individualized to meet your department's needs are available just for the asking. Email us at, or call ext. 95289.

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This list of downloads shows the best versions of software to use CourseDen effectively.

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