National Distance Learning Week

Thomas Tobin Nov 10, 2015

Though the highlight of UWG's events for the National Distance Learning Week celebration is Super Skills Tuesday, read below for details about events going on all week (November 9-13, 2015)!

Sponsored by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), NDLW helps increase awareness and appreciation for distance learning and how it helps people reach their educational goals. Because of online education opportunities at UWG, people studying from 31 states and 3 countries have earned their University of West Georgia education—often while balancing full-time commitments with work, family and community.

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Complete an online submission form to share your UWG Online story or memories with us, whether you're a current distance student or have already graduated. Three participants will receive special UWG Online promotional items. Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, November 13, 2015.

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(1) Post one reason you love learning online at UWG; include #UWGOnlineRocks in your message. Showcase your love for UWG and online learning, tell us about where you live, your favorite place to study, tips for success, your most helpful UWG instructor or UWG staff member - share photos, videos, or whatever you'd like.
(2) Wednesday, Nov. 11: Honor Your Veterans Day Hero; include #UWGOnlineSupports in your message. Share a photo in honor of a veteran or other U.S. Armed Services personnel (since Nov 11th is also Veterans Day!) - include title and rank, branch of military served in and whether you served during a war, including the specific conflict (if you have this info available).

UWG Online's Super Skills Series for Faculty and Staff

Bring your laptops (or other digital devices) on Tuesday, November 10th to learn new skills that will make you a super hero in the classroom. Dr. Thomas Tobin is offering three new workshops: a session on hybrid classes, one on copyright, and another one on improving your online course.

Workshop descriptions are below. Click here to register.  We have opened these sessions to the larger USG and Carrollton communities soon, so sign up now.

Hybrid Teaching in Four Complicated, Back-Breaking Steps (Plus an Antidote) 9:00 am

This hands-on workshop provides faculty members with the basic tools, techniques, and theories needed to be able to create and conduct hybrid, or blended-learning, courses. Participants will leave with a hybrid-friendly syllabus and a plan for dividing course interactions among face-to-face, self-paced, and online modes. At a minimum, participants should bring a copy of a course syllabus. For maximum effectiveness, participants should bring their laptops. There will be a prize drawing.

Copyright that You Can Actually Understand and Apply 10:45 am

Faculty members and administrators often do not have clear guidance regarding a) the use of copyrighted materials for teaching, b) ownership of content created by faculty members, and c) the rights of individuals and institutions under ownership agreements. Workshop participants will come away with plain-language best practices in these areas. This hands-on workshop offers an easy-to-apply test for using copyrighted materials, as well as ways to avoid having to invoke copyright at all. Participants should bring laptops. A collection of digital resources, including a one-page copyright sheet, is provided to participants. There will be a prize drawing.

Improve Your Online Course Content by Making Three Quick Changes 1:30 pm

Online courses have been around for many years. This workshop provides specific changes and updates that faculty members and course designers can implement quickly and easily in order to increase instructor presence, enhance student engagement, and create broader opportunities for student success. We will get “under the hood” of participants’ online course environment, making changes and adding beneficial elements together in real time. Participants will leave this workshop having completed small projects in each of the three retention-increasing areas. Participants should bring laptops. There will be a prize drawing.

Click here to register
Don't forget to bring your digital device
All workshops are in Nursing 115 on Tuesday, November 10th

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