CourseDen (Brightspace 10.5) 

Information & Improvement list

In preparation for Spring Semester 2016, CourseDen (Brightspace by D2L) will be upgraded to version 10.5. The upgrade will make CourseDen unavailable beginning at 12:01 AM on 12/19, with an expected return to service by 5 PM on 12/31.

Because this is an in-place upgrade, instructor access could be restored slightly earlier or could be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Any delays or changes in service will be communicated via the all-faculty email listserv.

Students will be able to log in and access the “CourseDen Training & Free Resources” course by noon on 01/02/16. However, they will not be able to access their Spring 2016 classes until the official Spring Semester start date.

This upgrade may involve some minor changes to the look and feel of CourseDen, but it will not include significant changes to tool functionality. Rather, it features improvements and fixes to CourseDen's usability and added functionality that will enhance instructor and student experiences.

See below for improvements: 

For technical assistance over the winter holidays (12/19/2015 - 01/03/2016), please refer to the 24 hr University System of Georgia's D2L Help desk at:

TOLL FREE 1-855-772-0423

TOLL FREE FOR HEARING IMPAIRED 1-800-892-4315 - Appropriate adaptive technology (hardware) necessary to use this number

What's New For Students in 10.5


  • In the Content tool, Upcoming Events has been renamed Course Schedule.
  • Items in the Course Schedule can be filtered by those that are Overdue, Upcoming, or Full Schedule.
  • Students can view a list of overdue assignments in the new Overdue tab.
  • Assignments appear in the Overdue tab if the due date has passed, but the end date is upcoming.
  • Students can click on the activity to be taken directly to it.
  • Once the activity has been completed, it disappears from the Overdue tab list.
  • When all overdue items are completed, the Overdue tab disappears from the Course Schedule view.
    NOTE: The overdue tab only displays items that are linked in Content. If, for example, a dropbox is overdue, but the dropbox is not linked to Content, it will not display in the OverDue list in Content.

Documentation & Resources:

Noteworthy Improvement: Content

Instructors can make sure learners cannot access content files earlier than they want them to through an enhanced security option. More specifically, this feature provides protection against premature access to content file topics with restrictions (draft state, date, or conditional release). For example, instructors can store answer keys in content and release them to learners after completion of an activity or a specified date.

Furthermore, learners can view an actionable list of overdue assignments in the new Overdue tab in the Course Schedule view of the Content tool. Course activities that have a due date appear automatically in the Overdue list as soon as the due date passes. Only activities with an end date later than the due date (or no end date) appear in the list, to ensure that learners have time to complete the overdue activities. Learners can access the activity directly from the list to complete it. Once the activity has been completed, it disappears from the list, and when all overdue items are completed, the Overdue tab disappears from the Course Schedule view.

Noteworthy Improvement: Dropbox

The File Submissions area of Dropbox has a log that can be filtered to determine if and when a learner submitted a file, and whether the instructor deleted the submission. If a submission was accidentally deleted, you can restore it from the submission log.

Noteworthy Improvement: Groups

Enhancements have been made to the Groups tool that enable learners to join groups more easily, and give instructors and administrators the option to set up and manage groups more efficiently. A "Set Self Enrollment Expiry Date" option will be available. Learners will be able to see the names of the members of each group before they enroll. They will also be able to leave a group after they have self enrolled if they choose to enroll into a different group.

Noteworthy Improvement: Import/Export/Copy Components

Instructors can now elect to include associated files when copying components from one course to another. Previously, instructors had to use the Course Files tool as well as select content in order to copy all associated files and prevent broken links. Now, when instructors use the Include associated files feature, CourseDen imports all files associated with selected course components to the new course. Users can select which content modules to copy rather than having to copy them all. Additionally, when copying courses, users will be able to continue working while the copy process is still in progress.

Noteworthy Improvement: News

Users can now restore deleted news items. The addition of this functionality saves time for instructors when news items accidentally get deleted by administrators or other instructors.

Noteworthy Improvement: Quizzes

Instructors can now specify multiple IP address restrictions as ranges, with the option to add multiple IP address range restrictions. This new feature enables instructors to limit quiz availability to specific locations, such as computer labs or classrooms. This restriction ensures that users can only access a quiz from IP addresses in the specified IP address ranges.

Noteworthy Improvement: Respondus LockDown Browser®

This update significantly improves the instructor’s experience when granting users special access to a quiz secured by Respondus LockDown Browser. Instructors can now exempt individual users from requiring Respondus LockDown Browser when taking a quiz instead of having to exempt all users in order to accommodate one user’s needs.

Noteworthy Improvement: Turnitin® - LTI-based Integration

A new LTI-based integration for Turnitin is available to replace the legacy API. Settings for enabling and setting up Turnitin, including OriginalityCheck and GradeMark, are now available in a separate tab when instructors create or edit a dropbox folder. When a course is copied with Turnitin-enabled dropbox folders, Turnitin settings now also copy.

Instructors can no longer enable Turnitin from the Groups tool, which was possible in the legacy API. If learners in the same group submit similar or identical versions of the same assignment to a group submission folder, Turnitin will consider those assignments to be plagiarized. A learner is not able to access another group member's Originality Report in Turnitin, even though the Originality Score displays.

Noteworthy Improvement: User Progress

In the User Progress tool, instructors can now easily identify when learners access their courses. From the new Course Access indicator, instructors can view detailed course access information such as when a learner last accessed the course and the total number of days they accessed the course.

Instructors are also able to identify if learners download content at the topic, module, or table of contents level. Instructors can view download metrics from the Summary and Content indicators for a specific course. When combined with other content access metrics, this provides instructors with a more detailed picture of learner engagement.

For instructors: What will happen to my existing courses?

All existing courses will be upgraded.

Your username and password should not have changed - it should be the same login information you used before the upgrade (your UWG ID username and password).

When you log back into your courses after 12/26, things may look just a little different. There may be changes to the layout of your course homepage and there will be the addition of new functionality in the areas referenced above and minor adjustments elsewhere.

Extensive tests by USG schools have shown that few issues should arise as a result of the upgrade. As soon as you regain access, it will be important to check your courses thoroughly and report any issues so that we can resolve them before spring classes begin.

Where can I go to learn how to use CourseDen 10.5?

See the "CourseDen 10.5 Self-Paced Tutorial Course for Faculty" located inside CourseDen in the "Training" semester. Faculty are enrolled in the course as students.

If you are unable to see this course or would like more information, please contact UWG|Online at or by calling 678-839-6248