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In preparation for Spring Semester 2014, CourseDen's Desire2Learn (D2L) will be upgraded to version 10.2. The upgrade will make D2L unavailable beginning some time on 12/19, with an expected return to service by midnight on 12/26.

Because this is an in-place upgrade, instructor access could be restored slightly earlier or could be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Any delays or changes in service will be communicated via the all-faculty email listserv.

Students will be able to login and access a student orientation course by noon on 01/02. However, they will not be able to access their Spring 2014 classes until the official start date of January 6th. In contrast to the major upgrade performed on D2L in January, this upgrade does not involve changes to the look and feel or include significant changes to tool functionality. Rather, it features improvements and fixes to D2L's usability and added functionality that will enhance instructor and student experiences.

For technical assistance over the winter holidays (12/18/2013 - 01/01/2014), please refer to the 24 hr University System of Georgia's D2L Helpdesk at:
TOLL FREE 1-855-772-0423
Appropriate adaptive technology (hardware) necessary to use this number.

Any issues that the 24 hr. USG's D2L Helpdesk cannot resolve will be escalated to UWG Online Helpdesk administrators to resolve upon campus' reopening on 01/02/2014.

To learn more about feature improvements, available tutorials, or other frequently asked questions, use the table below:

What does it look like? Where can I get a preview?

With the 10.2 upgrade for CourseDen, we have simplified the navigation and removed a lot of clutter from the system. Our goal is to provide a more user-friendly experience for both faculty and staff. The new navigation and layout provides ready access to the most-used tools and widgets. Please use the the links below to view screenshots of the new homepage and (student) content page. More screenshots coming soon!

CourseDen 10.2 Homepage

CourseDen 10.2 Student Course Page

For instructors: What will happen to my existing courses?

All existing courses will be upgraded.

Your username and password should not have changed - it should be the same login information you used before the upgrade (your UWG ID username and password).

When you log back into your courses after 12/26, things may look just a little different. There may be changes to the layout of your course homepage and there will be the addition of new functionality (further detailed in this FAQ).

Extensive tests by USG schools have shown that few issues should arise as a result of the upgrade.  Issues may include broken links to media files or 3rd party extensions.  As soon as you regain access, it will be important to check your courses thoroughly and report any issues so that we can resolve them before classes begin on January 6th.

Where can I go to learn how to use the CourseDen - D2L 10.2?

UWG Online is in the process of rewriting job aides, tutorials, help videos, workshop materials, orientation information, etc.  A link to our new all-inclusive website will be provided here by the end of November.

In the meantime, Google the term, "Desire2Learn 10.2" to find a wealth of materials provided by other schools whom have already adopted the new system.

What's new and improved? - Content Tool

  • Easier Navigation: The content map is now always available as an expandable left panel while viewing topics. You can quickly navigate to any topic in the module or to any topic in the entire course.
  • Tablet-friendly: The content panel supports swipe gestures on tablets so you can swipe left to expand and right to collapse the panel on your iPad or Android device.
  • Drag and Drop: Instructors can also drag and drop files directly from their desktop into the map to upload and update topics without leaving the viewer.
  • Track Student Progress: The new Completion Summary list (available from within the Content viewer) allows instructors to quickly access completion summaries for all learning activities.
  • Access Student Information Quickly: Instructors can also hover over any student’s profile picture to contact the student, access their full profile, and view their overall progress in the course.
  • Time-saving Templates: Instructors can now select from pre-defined HTML templates when creating new documents in Content. The document templates will save you time by automatically formatting documents that you create in D2L.

What's new and improved? - Discussion Tool

  • Deleted Topics and Forums can be Restored: We’ve replaced the Delete area in Discussions with the new Restore area. You can now restore deleted discussion forums and topics quickly from the Discussions List.
  • New Reading View:
    • displays counts of unread posts, providing a better indicator of which threads have more activity. Threads with recent activity appear at the top of the page by default, providing quick access to new information.
    • provides an easy-to-scan area with the most recent author’s information and includes the ability to hover over the author’s picture to see profile information.

What's new and improved? - Dropbox Tool

  • Easier to Restore Deleted Folders: Deleted Dropbox folders can be restored from the Event Log.
  • Download All Submissions, Provide Feedback, Upload: In addition to the existing bulk download of student Dropbox submissions, you can now evaluate and annotate submitted work using the desktop software of your choice, and finish the process by bulk uploading these files. Downloaded Dropbox submissions are assigned a unique identifier, enabling D2L to recognize the files upon upload.

What's new and improved? - Quiz, Survey, and Self-Assessment Tools

  • Drop-Down Lists for Answers: The Matching question type in the Quiz, Survey, and Self-Assessment tools now feature drop-down lists instead of input boxes.

What's new and improved? - Group Tool

  • More Grouping Options: A new group enrollment type has been created where the group category contains n groups, and each group has a capacity of m users (# of Groups of # - Self Enrollment).This enrollment type is useful in situations where students are iself-enrolling in groups with a fixed capacity. Use this enrollment type to determine the structure of groups (number of groups and size of each group) in advance. Users can choose which group they would like to join, subject to the constraints of the group structure.

What's new and improved? - Email Tool

  • Improved Compose Email Screen:
    • Includes CC and BCC fields that are hidden by default until you want to use them.
    • The file attachments area now supports drag and drop.
    • The Send Results page only displays when there are errors in the email addresses.
  • Auto-Complete Addresses: The To, CC, and BCC fields will auto-complete for any personal contacts in an instructor’s Address Book. If an instructor accesses Email when viewing a course offering, the To, CC, and BCC fields will auto-complete for course contacts in that offering.

What's new and improved? - Equation Editor

  • Updated Equation Editor: The Equation Editor available within the HTML Editor now provides a more user-friendly experience, and browsers are no longer dependent on Java.

What's new and improved? - The User Profile Card

  • Enhanced Document Viewer: The document viewer has been updated to provide a better viewing experience. Documents automatically resize to fit the viewport and you can view them in full screen without losing your current scroll point in the document. This means that you can move seamlessly between full-screen and normal view with no disruption to the viewing experience.

FAQ: Remaining Known Issues

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