Masters Program Details


24 months | Credit Hours: 36

The online Master of Science in Applied Computer Science degree is a professional program that provides individuals holding an undergraduate degree in any discipline the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in the exciting and dynamic field of computer science and information technology.

Program Description

24 months | Credit Hours: 36 The program focuses on applied knowledge and skills in computer science that are integrated and delivered in a comprehensive and practical pedagogy to prepare graduates to enter the computing and IT job market. All classes are taught by exceptionally qualified faculty whose backgrounds include both academic and industry experience. The program includes course work in web technologies; program construction; software development; database systems; system and network administration; and two project experiences designed to integrate knowledge and skills across courses with teamwork and professional practices. Degrees are conferred in August. Visit the Department of Computer Science website for additional information about the program. CONTACT: Dr. Adel Abunawass (Department Chair & pre-enrollment advisor) at or 678-839-6485.

Method of Delivery

All instruction and course work is delivered 100% online via the Internet using a variety of asynchronous and synchronous distance learning technologies. 



Credit & Transfer

Total semester hours required to earn a degree: 36
Maximum Hours Transferable into program: 0

Tuition & Fees

Our online computer science masters degree program is high quality and affordable!  The entire cost of tutition and fees is just over $16,000 over the two-year duration of the program. We have prepared a summary of estimated costs for tuition and fees, based on current rates.  Additional information about tuition and fees is available on the Bursar's Office website. Please note, all online CS graduate classes are considered "NET" courses for tuition purposes and carry the same tuition rate regardless of residency status.

Financial support may be available for qualified students.  Please visit the Office of Financial Aid web site for more information (we encourage students to contact Ms. Jessica Wiggins, Graduate Financial Aid Counselor, directly via email with any questions). 


Projected offerings:

Current information on projected course offerings can be found on the program's Online M.S. in Applied Computer Science curriculum website.


Database Systems I - CS-6231

Description: Fundamental concepts of database systems; hierarchical, network and relational database management systems; data definition and manipulation languages; security and integrity; and implementation considerations. Students are expected to complete a project in database administration and development.

Database Systems II - CS-6232

Description: Advanced concepts in database systems; object- oriented systems; distributed database systems; and concurrency control. Students will be introduced to current professional certification processes and standards.

Software Development I - CS-6241

Description: This course introduces the software development process while improving programming skills. Topics include object-oriented programming, test-driven development, class design, GUI design and programming, and incremental, iterative development. The coursework assumes that the student has fundamental programming, debugging, and code-interpretation skills in an object-oriented programming language.

Software Development II - CS-6242

Description: This course continues the introduction of the software development process begun in CS 6241. Topics include software development process models, process management, requirements specification, and software modeling.

Web Technologies I - CS-6251

Description: An introduction to the design, development, and implementation of web sites using client-side technologies. Students are expected to develop a dynamic web site using current industry best practices for client-side development.

Web Technologies II - CS-6252

Description: A continuation of CS 6251: design, development, and implementation of web sites using client- and server-side technologies. Students are expected to develop a dynamic web site using current industry best practices for client- and sever-side development.

System and Network Administration - CS-6261

Description: An introduction to the major services and protocols used in intra- and inter-network communication, with a focus on understanding the internet from a software developer's point-of-view. The course includes a discussion of professional and ethical issues related to system administration.

Program Construction I - CS-6311

Description: An introduction to object-oriented design and programming using fundamental software engineering principles and concepts. Students are expected to develop an object-oriented application using current industry best practices for program development.

Program Construction II - CS-6312

Description: A continuation of CS 6311. Students are expected to develop a moderately complex object-oriented application using current industry best practices for program development.

Project I - CS-6910

Description: Integration of core knowledge and skills in program construction and web technologies with teamwork and professional practices through directed participation in the implementation of a significant software project.

Project II - CS-6920

Description: Comprehensive integration of knowledge and skills attained in the program with teamwork and professional practices through the implementation of a significant software project.


This describes the general information about faculty for this program.

Guidelines for Admittance

  • All graduate applicants must complete the online Grad Application. A one-time application fee of $40 is required.
  • Applicants should also review the Graduate Studies Website for individual program specific requirements and tasks that must be completed prior to admission. See Graduate Studies Application Process.
  • International applicants are subject to additional requirements and application deadlines. See Procedures for International Students.
  • Official transcripts from a regionally or nationally accredited institution are required and should be sent directly to the UWG Admissions Office.

Program-specific Admittance Guidelines

Expectations and application materials specific to the online MS in Applied Computer Science are available here:

Application Deadlines

This degree has a rolling admission process where students may apply at anytime. Cohorts start in the Fall semester. Students are encourged to apply as early as possible.

As soon as you have submitted an online application for graduate admission, we strongly recommend that you send an email to us at indicating that you have submitted your application. At a minimum, please include the following in your email:

  • Full Name
  • Phone number
  • Date you submitted the online application

Admission Process Checklist

The Graduate Studies Application Process checklist is available here:

One exception: If you will not ever be traveling to a UWG campus or site, you may apply for an Immunization Exemption. Contact the Immunization Clerk with your request.


Ms. Jane Wood
678.839.6486 (fax)

Department of Computer Science
University of West Georgia
1601 Maple Street
Carrollton, GA 30118

The Dept of Computer Science graduate page includes program information as well as other vital information.

Contact Dr. Adel Abunawass (Chair & pre-enrollment advisor) at with any other questions.



This program only admits during Fall semesters.  We have a rolling admission process where students may apply at any time. Cohorts start in the Fall semester.  Application deadline for Fall semester is July 15th.  Students are strongly encourged to apply as early as possible.  Please note, when submitting your application online, make sure that you select Fall semester since the program only accepts students for the Fall semester.   Apply Today!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information, please review the Graduate Admissions Deadlines: 

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and analyze social, professional, and ethical issues and responsibilities they may face as computing professionals.
  • Prepare and give effective technical presentations using appropriate technologies.
  • Write clear and accurate technical documents.
  • Effectively function as a member of a team engaged in the process of modeling, designing, and implementing computer based systems of varied complexity utilizing multiple technologies.