Email vs Mail Tool

Student Email vs. The Vista Mail Tool

MYUWG Email vs. CourseDen System Email

There are a few key differences between these two email systems. Depending on what you would like to do with these emails will distinguish which mail system you choose.


MYUWG offers an easy to use interface and is catered specifically to West Georgia Students.

  • Students can attach up to 3.9MB attachments, but cannot exceed an 8MB total.
  • All users have an easy, identifiable username (usually first character of first name, followed by last name)
  • Completely independent of system interface

Generally on-campus professors tend to use the MYUWG option because the email is only given to West Georgia Students.


Below is an example of what the users MYUWG Email would look like:


CourseDen System:

The system's Email System is catered towards simplicity and to any class system user.

  • Built in tool in the interface
  • Instructor can send out class wide emails easily
  • All student emails listed in an easy to use format
  • Students can attach files directly from their File Manager
  • Students are notified of new mail whenever they log into the system

This Mail Tool provides a clear and simple system that provides simplicity for both the student and instructor in the System.


Below is an example of what the users Mail Tool would look like: